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Even the most sophisticated construction methods can encounter catastrophic accidental results: Water main and sewer main strikes can be messy. Gas line, telecom and power line strikes can be deadly. All underground strikes are costly.

The costs to effectively make repairs in any incident could easily be worth more than a year of payments for hydrovac locating services prior to drilling. Using preventative measures rather than waiting for something to go wrong is a safer way of doing business.

Our Hydro Excavation Services in based in Vancouver handles underground utilities excavation throughout Western Canada. We offer the best Hydro Excavation services in the industry, using safe—and fast—methods of vacuum excavating using our top of the line equipment from McRae’s Environmental Services, Ltd.

Each of our Hydro Evacuation trucks are specifically designed for excavating in environmentally sensitive areas and areas where conventional digging and drilling methods could potentially damage nearby utilities. Our company is licensed to pump, haul and dispose of hazardous wastes.

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    Vacuum Excavating
  • Pole holes, any depth or diameter
  • Exposing underground utilities
  • Monitoring well installation
  • Street light bases – sign post holes – pilings

    Dry Material Hauling
  • Sand, dirt, slurries, sawdust, gravel, sulfur
  • Coal, fly ash, potash, cement

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